Sheltie Colors

CH WillowGlyn Evening In Paris is a bi-black or black & white.

Bi-blue Sheltie
CH WillowGlyn Mystique is a bi-blue.

CH WillowGlyn Calista is a shaded sable.
Sable is predominantly brown ranging from pale gold
through red or orange through dark mahogany.

This puppy is a sable merle.
Note this pup has dark eyes... some sable merles have blue or merled eyes.

Tricolor Sheltie
WillowGlyn Shiseido is a tricolor or black, white & tan
please note that black is the predominant color, not brown/sable.
Many people mistakenly call a shaded sable a tri or tricolor.

CH WillowGlyn Vanilla Sky ROMC is a blue merle or blue, white & tan.
Blue merle coloring can range from steel blue to light powdery blue.

Color headed white Blue merle Sheltie
WillowGlyn White Knight is a blue merle color-headed white. 
Color headed whites (CHW's) are the result of breeding two white factored dogs.
As with this dog, they have normally colored heads and hardly any color on the body.
Color headed whites are not the same as a double merle white sheltie 
and are perfectly normal in every way, whereas a double merle white 
may be blind and/or deaf.  Double merles are produced by breeding
two merled dogs together (sable merle, blue merle or bi-blue merle).
Double merles generally have little or no color on their heads - mostly white
whereas a color headed white is just that - a white dog with a colored head.

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